A tumblr for the characters Quinn & Clay (Shantel Vansanten & Robert Buckley) from One Tree Hill Season 7.
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helped me a lot! thank you so much, and I repeat, your Tumblr is beautiful, I love it! -meusinaldisfarcado

glad i could help :) and thanks again!

Hey... omg, idk how to say that!! I mean, i dont have words enough to say how much i loved here!!
Your blog's so lovely. *-* -ashtonrsirwin

aww thank you! <3

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Just want to ask why is Quinn afraid of the Ocean? -qwertyuiovfghf-deactivated20110


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Okay this is random but I can't find the ask on your personal and I just wanted to say that I totally agreee with the first, third and last unpopular opinions about OTH :) -hushabye-mountain-deactivated20

Ah my bad xD it’s just my tumblr URL and then /ask at the end. But thank you! It’s always nice knowing someone agrees with me. :)

Hi, your tumblr is perfect! I love Clay and Quinn!
can I ask one thing? you making these videos with animations, type of gifs? if so, how?
thanks! congratulations! -meusinaldisfarcado

Thank you! Yeah I do make the gifs. :) I just screencap episodes (either the s7 DVD or I dowload s8 episodes) using the ctrl + shift + 3 option as I have a mac so it saves them all to the desktop, then I open photoshop and use file -> scripts -> load files into stack and select all of the screencaps from the desktop, then it’ll load them all into one document. Crop out any of the background and then use window -> animation then click the little arrow on the right hand side and use ‘make frames from layers’ then ‘reverse layers’. Resize it to be 500px times whatever and crop the height anymore if needed, add any other layers (like brightness/contrast, selective colour, b+w gradient mask etc) then go to file -> save for web and devices and adjust the number of colours to make the gif under 500k (sometimes this requires deleting frames) before saving, and you’re done. :) hopefully i helped! x

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